What Should I Do If My Child Is Toe Walking?

Toe walking, like the name suggests, is the phenomenon of walking on the toes or balls of the feet. Toe walking is common in early walkers, and can sometimes last until your child is a toddler or older. Toe walking can be common in children with Cerebral Palsy or Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Along with these connections to neuromuscular or musculoskeletal conditions, toe walking may also be present in children with developmental disorders like Autism. However, being a toe walker does not always lead to another diagnosis. Regardless of the cause of toe walking, the issue can be helped with physical therapy.  


Other than noticing your child walking on their toes or the balls of their feet, toe walking my cause your child to frequently fall or stumble. They might also communicate having pain in their leg or foot. Results of toe walking can cause increased foot pain in adulthood, hip and knee issues and balance difficulties. Toe walking can be easily prevented or treated through physical therapy.


Your therapist may use techniques to stretch and strengthen the muscles including:

  1. Taping the area to guide correct positioning
  2. Orthotic intervention or shoe modifications
  3. Night splinting
  4. Manual manipulation and therapy


Early intervention using these techniques will help and will likely decrease the need for later invasive procedures or surgery.


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Idiopathic Toe Walking – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital


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