As the largest clinic in the Carolinas, we offer a safe and fun environment to address all of your child's therapy needs. Whether it be a single discipline, or a coordinated team to address Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy, we are here to help across the therapy spectrum.

How do you know if OT can help your child?

Our Occupational Therapy Screening Tool

It is a great way to determine if pediatric OT is right for your child.
A child's occupation includes learning to dress, bathe, groom, self feed, toilet, play, get ready for school, and learn to play with others. Sometimes our children experience difficulty with these life skills along their journey to grow up. OT can help you and your child meet life's challenges. You may benefit from occupational therapy intervention if your child has experienced or is experiencing any of the issues below:

  • Did your child meet developmental milestones on time (walking, crawling, etc)?
  • Does your child dress him or herself?
  • Does your child have difficulty with buttons, snaps or zippers?
  • Can your child complete their morning routine without difficulty?
  • Does your child transition well? Ex. Leaving the park or school, changing tasks to be completed.
  • Is it hard for your child to fall asleep at night and stay asleep throughout the night?
  • Does your child play well with peers?
  • Does your child imaginary play?
  • Can your child come up with ideas for play?
  • How long does your child stick to tasks at home?
  • Can your child use utensils to feed him or herself appropriately?
  • Does your child demonstrate fear with toileting?
  • Is your child safety aware in community settings such as the park, shopping center?
  • Is your child Disruptive, impulsive, has limited attention, resistive to new activities/changes in routine, has difficulty moving from one activity to another, gives up easily, or has difficulty calming self?

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Our Parent's Story


“Our son has been going to Pediatric Advanced Therapy due to a tremor in his hands and his anxiety. He calls PAT his “Fun Doctor” and tells everyone how much he enjoys going. We are so happy with the results that we are seeing. I recommend PAT to several parents that have asked questions about our son’s progress. The entire group is caring and easy to work with. We now have a much happier family thanks to PAT”

Donna A., Huntersville

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