About PAT

PAT Quick Facts

  • History: Founded in 1999 as Integrative Therapy Concepts
  • Specialties: Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy
  • Staff: Nearly 50 therapists and 100 years of clinical pediatric experience
  • Facilities: 3,500 square foot clinic in Charlotte, NC, 12,000 square foot clinic in Mooresville, NC and 1,000 square foot satellite clinic in Salisbury, NC
  • Insurance: Most major providers
  • Getting Started: Call for appointment or have your doctor send a referral


What’s so special about Pediatric Advanced Therapy?

“If these walls could talk”, what might they say? They would tell of more than 4,000 stories of triumph and success in the lives of children affected by developmental delays, autism, cerebral palsy, prematurity, Down’s syndrome, ADHD, Fragile X, spina bifida, seizure disorders and sensory integration dysfunction. Pediatric Advanced Therapy, formerly Integrative Therapy Concepts, has had the pleasure of providing pediatric occupational, speech and physical therapy to the needs population in our community for more than 18 years. Kelly Gianopoulos, OTR/L started Pediatric Advanced Therapy out of her home in Mooresville, NC in 1999. Our therapists guide and assist children to function optimally in their major roles (known as occupations) in life. A child’s primary occupation may include play, self-care, and school related activities. The skills necessary for successful, age appropriate functioning in these occupations include, but are not limited to: fine motor and gross motor coordination, sensory processing, visual perceptual and visual motor skills, attention (social and emotional), and daily living skills. Our clinics offer novel equipment, creative treatment spaces, unique environmental set-ups, and a dynamic staff, all of which allow us to meet the individual needs of each child through therapy. Our lobbies have seated the broken hearted, the financially burdened and those eager for information to help their child. Our dynamic staff gives them hope and strategies for success. We are committed to helping each child reach his or her full potential through direct treatment, education and community outreach.


At Pediatric Advanced Therapy, we believe it is essential for each child’s success to use a collaborative approach by working with the child’s parents, caregivers, teacher, pediatricians and other medical professionals. We welcome any opportunity to share our knowledge and often do so by offering in-services to preschools, support groups, church daycares, and social service agencies. We are also active participants in fundraising and awareness organizations such as Autism Speaks. We have hosted several continuing education conferences in our clinic that have brought participants from all over the world.

Our Team

Meet the experienced staff with over 100 years of Pediatric Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy experience.


Our 3,500 square foot Charlotte location, 12,000 square foot Mooresville location and satellite Salisbury location are designed with your kids’ needs in mind.

Our Parent’s Story


“When Veronica graduated from kindergarten, I was so proud that I cried. Veronica had a really hard beginning to life – severe meconium aspiration, seizures and pulmonary hypertension. I couldn’t hold her for 21 days and couldn’t bring her home for almost 3 months. Years of OT from Pediatric Advanced Therapy taught her how to live her life to the fullest. Thank you PAT!”

Beth H., Charlotte

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PAT Office

    134 Infield Ct
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  • Monday - Friday7:00am - 6:30pm