Red Flags: Occupational Therapy Screening Tool for Kids of All Ages

What are red flags? A red flag is characterized as marker of delayed development in a child. These can manifest in many different ways. While every child is unique in their development and timeline of growth, there are certain behaviors that are universally causes for concern. For all age groups, be aware if your child:

  • Avoids touching or being touched (especially if unexpected), dislikes getting dirty, seems unaware of pain, and/or displays upset with daily routine tasks such as dressing, bathing, washing hair, cutting nails, etc.
    Seems clumsy or uncoordinated (taking longer than expected to learn motor skills, bumps into other people or objects in the environment, falls often, etc.)
  • Poor eye contact or difficulty interacting with adults/peers
    Covers ears, becomes upset, or complains about loud noises
    Difficulty following verbal directions or completing steps of daily routines
    Limited diet (does not eat certain food textures or temperatures, gags on food, etc.)
  • Avoids movement activities such as swings, slides, hesitates on curbs or uneven surfaces, etc.
  • Appears to be in constant motion, fidgety, difficult time sitting still
  • Overly rough when playing
  • Difficulty imitating actions
  • Unsafe in community or at home
  • Disruptive behaviors-impulsive, limited attention, resistive to new activities/changes in routine, difficulty moving from one activity to another, gives up easily, difficulty calming self

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