Red Flags: Occupational Therapy Screening Tool for 1-Year-Olds

What are red flags? A red flag is characterized as marker of delayed development in a child. These can manifest in many different ways. While every child is unique in their development and timeline of growth, there are certain behaviors that are universally causes for concern. For 1-year-olds, be aware if your child:

  • Not mouthing toys, difficulty transitioning to textured foods
  • Difficulty eye tracking movement (decreased visual regard for toys and/or people)
  • Does not appear interested in cause and effect toys
  • Always content to lie/sit in one place
  • Not imitating sounds, gestures, emotions, etc.
  • Difficulty getting to sleep, easily awakened
  • Takes a long time to respond even to familiar voices or startles easily
  • Delayed head control (fully developed 4-5 mos.)
  • Frequent irritability with difficulty calming
  • Withdraws/fussy to with touch (examples: changing diaper or clothes, bath time, wiping face).
  • Resists being held, becomes upset when moved, when placed on back for diaper changes, etc.


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