What Is Infant Feeding Therapy?

What is infant feeding therapy? It may seem obvious, but you may not have realized that it can be helped through speech therapy services.

At Pediatric Advanced Therapy, our Director of Speech Therapy, Joslin Davis, is highly qualified to treat a variety of infant feeding problems. If your child is exhibiting any of the following behaviors, it could be worth a visit with your doctor to talk about a referral for:

  • Failure to progress with any feeding skills
    • Sucking – bottle feeding, nursing
    • Spoon-feeding
    • Chewing
    • Biting
    • Drinking from an open cup
    • Drinking from a straw/sippy cup
  • Excessive fatigue during a bottle feeding/nursing (may appear as falling asleep or jaw/lip/tongue tremor)
  • Exceptionally long time to complete a feeding- greater than 20 minutes
  • Exceptionally fast bottle feedings/nursing or frequent feedings (for example: feeds less than every 2 hours)
  • Caregiver experiences increased anxiety or distress when feeding infant
  • Pain when nursing due to poor suck
  • Weight loss
  • Poor weight gain/failure to thrive
  • Disinterest in feeding
  • Refusing or avoiding certain food textures
  • Swallowing solid food whole
  • Pocketing food in cheeks
  • Loss of food or liquid from lips while eating/drinking
  • Signs of discomfort while feeding
  • Coughing/choking during or after eating/drinking
  • Gagging/vomiting during or after eating/drinking
  • Tongue tie/lip tie

About the Speech Therapy Director: Joslin Davis is ASHA certified and has feeding experience with all ages, including newborns and infants. She has attended feeding courses and has received training in the following treatment techniques: medical and behavioral feeding (e.g. CAN-EAT), sensory based feeding (e.g. food chaining, SOS), complex feeding disorders, and oral motor feeding approaches (e.g. Beckman, TalkTools, Oral Placement Therapy, Oral Placement Therapy for Down Syndrome). She has also received training in myofascial release and identification of tongue tie/lip tie. She has collaborated with physical therapy to help infant feeding patients with torticollis, plagiocephaly or other neurological deficits.

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