Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a Genetic disorder with a child ending up with extra material resulting in some common characteristics.


These characteristics can include

  • Hypotonia (low tone)
  • Cognitive Delays (learning disabilities)
  • Distinctive facial features
  • Delayed development in all areas
  • Medical abnormalities including heart and GI disorders


Children with Down Syndrome will vary widely in which of these characteristics they have and their severity.


When should I refer my child for an evaluation?

You can refer your child at any time for an evaluation.

Down Syndrome is a diagnosis where there are typically delays. Therefore it is appropriate to have your child evaluated early to collaborate with the therapists on the best plan for your child’s development. Intermittent intervention may be needed as a child approaches new milestones throughout their life to ensure they reach their greatest potential.


What we can we do to help?

Early evaluation is key in understanding your child’s individual needs. The evaluation will determine your child’s individual goals and treatment plan.


What treatment at PAT looks like?

  • Targeted strengthening
  • Facilitation of developmental milestones
  • Improve alignment to prevent deformities and poor posture
  • Orthotic management
  • Endurance training
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Gait biomechanics


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