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Since the age of 14, Lonny Bernath has had a passion for golf that has stayed with him his entire life. While few will have any desire to read these details, this page will serve as Lonny's personal repository for his golfing exploits. Since 2005, Lonny has been a member of TPC Piper Glen in Charlotte, North Carolina where he runs a golf game for an eclectic group of 50 guys that share his passion for the game. Rest assured that these stories will not be filled with great golf accomplishments, as golf is far less about the game and far more about the friendships and good times that come from a long day on the links.

2015 - Interclub Recap

It was a great year for the Piper Glen Interclub team. After starting out with a devastating loss at home to the worst team in their pod, Gaston Country Club, Piper rebounded to win 3 of their last 4 matches to make the playoffs for the third time in four years.

Unfortunately, the opening round against Palisades Country Club ended in an eerily similar fashion as Piper's second round loss in 2013. After ending the regulation matches tied, both teams sent their best pairing off for a sudden death, dual course overtime. Sean Conrad birdied the first hole at the Palisades, rescuing Piper from a bogey-bogey hole over at Piper Glen. A second birdie from Conrad on the 2nd playoff hole was not enough as Palisades birdied the 2nd hole at Piper and both Piper players could only manage a par.

I had one of my best interclub seasons ever, finishing with a 4-0-2 record in 6 matches including road wins at Gaston, a first ever win at Longview (hate that course) and a playoff win at Palisades.