PAT Early Intervention Pre-School Group

Our Mooresville clinic includes a great space for our new Early Intervention Pre-School Group. Uniquely designed to address both your child's classroom preparedness and development progress, the pre-school groups will be led by both teachers and therapists in an ideal environment.

  • Location – Inside our Mooresville facility at 134 Infield Court, Mooresville, NC 28117
  • Days and Times – Monday thru Friday for 3 hours/day. Start and stop times will be staggered to make for easier pick up/drop off. Programs available for all 5 days or 2 & 3 day schedules.
  • Group Make-up – Each group of 8 or less children will be led by both a teacher and member of our therapy staff (maximum 4 to 1 ratio).
  • Dates – Groups will run for 10 months from September 1 to June 30. Summer programs available for July/August.
  • Enrollment – Email application to pre-school direcor Maegan Gillooly at For questions, call 704-499-6824 or email


The special features of our pre-school group include:

  • Development – A focus on development of foundational skills to increase confidence for future school endeavors.
  • Dual Approach – Facilitated by both a teacher and skilled occupational or speech therapist dedicated to each group.
  • Social-Emotional Skills – Enhance social-emotional skills to create a healthy emotional and physical state for increased focus within a group setting.
  • Well Rounded Development – Promote cognitive development, fine & gross motor skills, oral-motor, sensory processing, and development of age appropriate play skills through child driven and adult directed tasks.
  • Self-Modulation - Intervention focusing on self-modulation development (transitions, tantrums) and positive social interactions.
  • Group Interactions - Focus on interactions to improve joint attention, waiting, turn-taking, sharing, and language development.
  • Feedback – Weekly education plan and developmental milestone checklists will be sent home to improve home carry over and advance skill acquisition.


How is the PAT pre-school program different from typical pre-school programs?

Our early intervention preschool group provides low ratio groups with daily support opportunities from an occupational therapist or speech therapist. The goal of our program is to provide support by setting up developmental learning experiences for children who experience barriers in a typical preschool classroom. The combined approach from therapy and teaching provides opportunity for school readiness and developmental progress.


What is the benefit of having both a therapist and teacher in the group?

In order to prepare a child for school they must have the foundational skills needed to succeed in a classroom that a teacher may not always be able to provide. In our Early Intervention Preschool Group therapists will help target school readiness through structured and unstructured play opportunities, provide sensory processing strategies, self-modulation and regulation development (reciprocal social interactions, peer engagement, attention, turn taking etc.), fine motor and gross motor development , and food exploration during their snack time experience to set them up for mealtime success. Most preschools allow a therapist to provide support in the classroom, but not to this capacity!


How do you ensure that kids are grouped together effectively?

Children will be grouped based on developmental age instead of chronological age. This will allow the child to thrive across environmental settings throughout their day. An evaulation to determine best placement for your child will be done prior to starting school and then on an ongoing basis throughout the year.


What does a typical day look like in the PAT group?

The Early Intervention Preschool Group has been designed by therapists to target pre-school readiness skills. Therapists will be there to assist, adapt, and modify the classroom setting to support success and decrease frustration. The day has been set up to allow for extra time during transitions and allow for more social and play development opportunities. Each day will include time for exploratory play, unstructured playground and gross motor play, fine motor & visual-motor development through a daily craft, and food exploration opportunities during snack time.


How much is tuition?

The 5 day program is $599/month. The 3 day program (M/W/F) is $399/month. The 2 day program (Tu/Th) is $279/month.


Can I schedule regular therapy around the pre-school schedule?

Yes! If your child attends PAT for therapy, we can arrange for therapy to occur immediately before or after pre-school and will help them transition to or from the classroom.


Is this a pre-school?

Our groups are not a pre-school. They are a therapist designed and facilitated therapeutic group for the purpose of helping children to be able to participate in a traditional pre-school or school setting upon program completion. We have lower adult-child ratios than a typical pre-school to ensure success for those children currently unable to successfully participate in a dynamic pre-school environment.


Call us today at 704-799-6824 or email our pre-school director, Maegan Gillooly, at to find out more about our Early Intervention Pre-School Groups.

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