2018 Summer Camp Information

Summer camps at PAT provide a camp experience with our skilled team of occupational therapists. Cost is $199 per week. Please contact our office to sign up at 704-799-6824.

Camps offered this summer are:

June 25-29: (2-4 year olds) FULL

July 2-6 (2-4 year olds) FULL (No camp July 4th, price is $159)

July 9-13 Teen Camp

July 16-20 (10 year olds) FULL

July 23-27 (5-7 year olds) FULL

July 30-August 3 - (5-7 year olds) FULL

August 6-10 - (2-4 year olds) 1 Spot Left


Working Memory Training Program

Working Memory is the ability to retain information in one's mind while focusing on a task and using that information to complete some kind of processing mentally. It impacts our ability to carry on conversations, read and understand content, complete math problems and follow instructions and complete sequencing tasks. Children and adults with working memory deficits have to work harder to complete these kinds of tasks, or use strategies in order to cope. Working memory deficits are one of the core deficits in children and adults with ADHD and other conditions associated with learning and reading difficulties. Cogmed is a well-researched computer-based training program for working memory difficulties and we are excited to be bringing it to P.A.T.

According to Pearson Education, 8 out of 10 Cogmed users saw measurable results. Cogmed is able to make the following claims based on its extensive research:

  1. Cogmed Working Memory Training (CWMT) leads to sustained improvements in working memory, from childhood to adulthood as seen in preschoolers, children and adolescents, adults and old adults.
  2. CWMT leads to sustained improvements in attention seen in both subjective measures of attention, and objective measures of attention.
  1. Improvements in working memory following CWMT are associated with changes in functional brain activity seen as changes in the neurochemistry, functional activity related to working memory, and functional connectivity at rest.
  2. Learning outcomes in reading and math improves for many students following CWMT.
  3. In clinical trials, CWMT has been shown to improve attentional problems in many with ADHD as evident in rating scales, or measured with objective measures.
  4. Research studies of CWMT report improved cognitive functioning in daily life.
  5. Adults with acquired brain injury report reductions of symptoms after CWMT in clinical trials.
  6. Improvements on measures of cognitive control have been demonstrated in studies after CWMT.

For more information about how claims are made, references to studies, what kind of studies were completed, etc., please see the Cogmed Working Memory Training Claims and Evidence – Extended Version 4.

How does Cogmed work at P.A.T.?

We will be offering Cogmed over the summer months as it is an intensive program, requiring daily participation at home or in the clinic.

Children will complete an initial interview to determine appropriateness for the program.

Initial session will help get the family set up with their program/account and train/equip them to complete the program at home.

We will be offering 4 options to P.A.T. families for completion of the program:

  1. 5 week program for 5 days per week, 45 minutes per day ($699)
    ● 1 day per week in the clinic with your child's Cogmed Coach
    ● 4 remaining sessions per week completed at home
  2. 5 week program for 5 days per week with ALL sessions completed in the clinic by your Cogmed coach ($2099)
  3. 8 week program for 3 days per week for 30-45 minutes per day ($699)
    ● 1 day per week in the clinic with your Cogmed Coach
    ● 2 remaining sessions per week completed at home
  4. 8 week program for 3 days per week with ALL sessions completed in the clinic by your Cogmed Coach ($2099)

To register your child, please call us at 704-799-6824. You can sign up now and even begin making payments towards your child's program. At the beginning of the program, we will complete a brief interview/evaluation to determine that the program is appropriate for your child. If the program is not a good fit and you have made payments already, you will be refunded your amount minus $75 for the initial interview.

The majority of these sessions will be completed during the morning hours over the summer. Due to the intensive nature of the program, be sure to select a time period when there will be limited disruption to program completion. Missed sessions will not be made up in the clinic, but you will receive a coaching call to discuss the program and any modifications that need to be made.

Information YouTube videos and testimonials:

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Our Parent's Story


"Every Wednesday that we come, Charlie benefits from his therapy sessions. His development is so improved and I have to thank the wonderful staff of Pediatric Advanced Therapy for helping him."

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