Virtual Counseling and Virtual Speech Therapy

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teletherapyPediatric Advanced Therapy is a Charlotte-based clinic now offering virtual speech therapy and virtual counseling department to families living anywhere in the state of North Carolina. Virtual therapy allows for your child to receive therapy in the comfort of your own home through videoconferencing.



Is Virtual Therapy as effective as in-clinic therapy?
Yes! Virtual Therapy is just as effective. We know that one of the most crucial pieces of success in therapy is the carryover of therapeutic activities at home. Regardless of how your child meets with their therapist, in person or via video chat, parent coaching at home between appointments is always a crucial part of meeting therapeutic goals. Your therapist will equip you with strategies to use at home to help your child make progress outside of therapy sessions. Our therapists use advanced technology to incorporate visual games and tools to support the virtual therapy sessions.


Why are we offering Speech Therapy and Counseling via Virtual Therapy?
We believe speech therapy and counseling lend themselves well to the virtual model. And we aren’t alone! Plenty of research exists to show that virtual therapy works just as well as in-clinic therapy, especially in these two disciplines. Virtual Therapy allows for better access to care for those who live outside of major metro areas.


Is Virtual Therapy covered by my insurance?
Most likely, yes! Most major insurances and Medicaid cover virtual therapy. For Medicaid, we are in network with Partners and Cardinal. We will contact your insurance before treatment to let you know what your financial responsibility will be, if any.


How do I get started with Virtual Therapy?
Request an appointment through our online form or call our office at 704-799-6824. We look forward to working with your family!


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Why Choose PAT?

Pediatric Advanced Therapy has had the pleasure of providing pediatric occupational, speech and physical therapy to the needs population in our community for over 20 years in the Charlotte, NC area. We have five clinic locations - Charlotte (Ayrsley and Matthews), Mooresville, Concord and Salisbury. We are pleased to be able to bring our proven approach to virtual therapy services.


Our therapists guide and assist children to function optimally in their major roles (known as occupations) in life. A child’s primary occupation may include play, self-care, and school related activities. The skills necessary for successful, age appropriate functioning in these occupations include, but are not limited to: fine motor and gross motor coordination, sensory processing, visual perceptual and visual motor skills, attention (social and emotional), and daily living skills. We are committed to helping each child reach his or her full potential through direct treatment, education and community outreach.


At Pediatric Advanced Therapy, we believe it is essential for each child’s success to use a collaborative approach by working with the child’s parents, caregivers, teachers, pediatricians and other medical professionals.


Services Offered via Virtual Therapy


Counseling is talk therapy between the patient and a licensed counselor. Counselors help kids and parents cope with the day to day challenges of life and create solutions together so that the patient can live life to the fullest. In counseling we can help with:

  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders - visual and structured support
  • Depression
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Divorce - Coping with parents' divorce
  • Early intervention
  • Family conflict
  • IEP support
  • Impulse control and conduct disorders
  • Navigating new diagnoses
  • Oppositional/defiance disorders and behaviors
  • School behaviors
  • Trauma/PTSD


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speech therapy
Speech Therapy

Your child may benefit from speech therapy intervention if he/she has experienced or is experiencing any of the issues below. These are just some of the many aspects of speech therapy in which we specialize. Call today to discuss how we can address the specific needs of your child.

  • Does not follow or watch your face when speaking
  • Does not smile or laugh in response to your smiles and laughs
  • Does not follow directions easily
  • Cannot use age-appropriate words and grammar
  • Limited interest in toys and/or plays with them in an unusual way
  • Has lost words he/she used to say
  • Stutters when talking
  • Has an ongoing hoarse voice
  • Has problems with chewing or swallowing


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Why We Love Virtual Therapy

    Helps increase physical distancing while still providing access to essential services

  • Assists with keeping some consistency in our children’s lives by being able to see and engage with their therapist weekly despite changes in school routines.
  • Provide parents an opportunity for hands-on learning about their child’s therapy routines
  • Provides an opportunity for therapists to collaborate with real-life challenges that you are facing in the environment in which they are happening
  • Allows us to help our parents get creative about how to use what they have, to meet their child’s therapy needs
  • Challenges us to think creatively, which we love to do

    Journal Articles Supporting Virtual Therapy:

    Online Treatment and Virtual Therapists in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


    Speech Telepractice: Installing a Speech Therapy Upgrade for the 21st Century


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